LKH 30000mW RGB All Diode Laser Light Show Projector & Built In Pangolin FB4 Sys


Additional Information

LKH 30000mW RGB All Diode Laser Light Show Projector With Built In Pangolin FB4 Ethernet controller and Flight Case

Fully backed by our own Laser Know How Ltd warranty and superb support services from our company service department in the UK.

The Pure Diode series of laser projectors use all diode technology which basically means better beam quality for multicolour lasers. The new 520nm diodes are used for green rather than the old DPSS 532nm technology. This also means a more compact projector as the pure diode modules can be built much smaller.

Great for beam shows and ideal for graphics with clear bright colours and sharp animations.

Our all diode series is very compact and offers a range of powers and colour outputs. Ideal for small to large installations and mobile operators.

This is very low maintenance thanks to the dust sealed enclosure that = dust free and zero servicing.

Accessories Included: Power Cable, Key, Remote safety interlock, Instruction Manual, Mounting Bracket.

Please Note: FB4 standard fitted which is Ethernet control only. FB4 ILDA, FB4 DMX and FB MAX can be fitted on special request. Contact us for a quote.

Please Note: The DMX and ILDA ports on the back of the laser for FB4 are extras which can be supplied by special request. Contact us for a quote.

FB4 Standard Features:

Full ethernet control

Stand alone SD card memory

Full color OLED display

Modular, customizable design

Support for up to 80K scan speeds

Support for 6-color channels

Improved laser output, with interpolation

Improved communication protocol, allowing you to control more laser projectors

FB4 Upgrade features:

Support for DMX, ArtNet, ILDA and OSC

The full color OLED display on FB4 also offers you control over a variety of show and setup parameters, including:

Projector settings

Network settings

Color palette settings

Geometric correction

Safety settings


And much more!

Laser System Information

LCD Control Panel: Simple to change overall projector features using scroll control and LCD display, including:

– RGB power control of each colour

– Laserscan safe feature

– Select SD mode

– DMX address

– reverse image

– Position

– Size

– Scanner speed

– Sound mode


Beam Power:

Red: 638nm 8000mW

Green: 520nm 10000 mW

Blue: 445nm 12000mW

Beam Spec: 7*6.5mm <1mrad Laser Sources: Diode Laser Class: 4 Scanner Speed: DT50B 35Kpps@8° Basic Patterns: over 120 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.) Size: 40.8(L)35.1(w)21.5(H) cm Weight: 25.46kg Specifications subject to change without notice.