500W Power Bank

Our high power AC power banks can be used to power our MadeSafer hotplates when working in remote locations and without power. Easy to use and transport for any banqueting occasion.


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Out of stock

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Simply charge them up and they are ready for use anywhere, with simple mains socket output for easy plug in of appliances and operation. Remaining power indicators with a variety of charges from wall charger (included) any plug in to car cigarette lighter socket. Available in 4 versions ranging in output power; 300W, 500W, 1000W & 2000W. All depending on the required time of operation.

Use our simple table ready calculated based on the size of hotplate, power bank output power and duration required.

*for multiple hotplates of the same size, divide the time by the number of hotplates.
Eg 300W power bank connected to 3 x small hot plates 60/3=20 minutes on full power.
* using one of our temperature controllers will extend the time.