Product Safety

We strive to improve quality across the entire product lifecycle.

Our mission is to build better quality safer electrical products. To ensure our products are safe, we go through an in-depth evaluation process that begins at the earliest stages of product conception and continues once the products have been released to market.

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Product Safety

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High standards to make the world a safer place.

Product Safety

Our strict standards for managing quality go beyond legal and regulatory requirements to ensure customers can use our products with complete peace of mind.

Improving Usability

We evaluate and test usability, accessibility, and comfort from the customer’s perspective in actual usage situations.

Company Ethos

We have built our company around high standards across the board.
Our mission is to make the world a healthier place. It begins with our commitment to consumers.

Industry Innovation

Our extensive research helps us keep up with all the exciting developments in the world of electrical product engineering over the last few years.

Product case study:
Hotplate safety

Hotplates come in many shapes and sizes, yet share the same common principle.

It is common for the cheaper hotplates to have plastic handles and feet which melt and crack under the heat. They are usually secured with self-tapping screws which can work loose over time. Some have nuts and bolts which are not locked down sufficiently and often detach, leaving loose metal parts inside the hotplate that can cause a short circuit.

Cheaper hotplate
components on the market

The elements springs can often stretch over time and cause a short circuit to the case at the ends. The electrical contacts to the springs are often twisted together without any firm connection which can cause arching and eventual failure of the element or short circuit.

Some hotplates have a plastic junction box where the power cable connects to the internal wiring. The plastic boxes tends to melt, distort and crack over time, exposing live wires. The plastic boxes usually do not have any ventilation thus heating the cables and wiring inside beyond their nominal temperature rating. this leads to the wiring insulation burning and disintegrating over time. Exposing live wires, which can short circuit causing a real fire hazard.

Often power cords are made from PVC which has a low temperature rating. If making contact with hot parts, they can easily melt exposing live wires or causing a short circuit. Often when damage to the cable occurs, this often goes unnoticed or is poorly repaired by hiding in tape.

Made Safer hotplates improve on this and more…


Heat safety sensor


High temperature thermal insulation


Metal handles and metal feet.


bespoke heater element bonded internally to the top of the hot plate

State-of-the-art heat management ensures heat is focussed on the hotplate top surface – safely away from work surfaces! Plus, an integrated ‘over temperature safety switch prevents damage to the appliance or its surroundings.

No flames, no fumes, no mess. All this! plus big savings in operating costs!