A4 Light Board – Cordless

Art craft tracing light pad ideal for a wide variety of tasks including arts, crafts, design, drawing, stenciling, tattoo, bug checking and photo work.


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Out of stock

Additional Information

The pad is equipped with USB cable and USB adapter for easy access to any USB port, such as a computer, USB plug or even a mobile power source.

Material: Mitsubishi Acrylic Panel
Dimension: L262mm x W126mm x H5mm
Visual Work Area: 210mm x 148mm
Thickness: 5mm 5.Color Temperature: White (10000-12000K)
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Interface Type : Mirco-USB
USB cable length: 1.0 m
USB power mains operated power supply included
Rate Power: 3W
Net weight: 0.45kg
Brightness: above 4,000 Lux
Package includes: 1X LED Light Pad 1X USB cable 1X USB power supply 1X User’s Manual